Kerstin Orion (kerstin_orion) wrote in artists_beware,
Kerstin Orion

Comments-disabled post re-post: Beware: Marc Leonhardt

The OP of this post chose to disable comments, refused to re-enable them, and has been subsequently banned. I am re-posting this to allow members to comment once again regarding this transaction.

EDIT: MOD NOTE: I understand it is natural to be curious about the details of a re-post. I have allowed the first several comments discussing it. However, the point of this re-post is to enable comments and discussion on the transaction, itself. Please keep future commentary focused on that, thank you.

To note: the customer's comment of "Is it THAT difficult.." was discussed in-depth in the previous post and was considered addressed and closed by the moderators. Please do not make additional comments regarding that small part of this transaction.

Tags: artist-marc leonhardt, beware, repost
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