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Requesting Advice

This is my first post here, so bear with me as I make sure that I do this right.

I don’t want to put up a beware on this artist if I don’t have to, but I’m beginning to get a little irritated and would like a little bit of advice.

This particular individual makes his living off of art; any and all bills, expenses, etc. Back in April 2012, I sent an artist and friend of mine $85 for a commission to help pay a bill of his for the month. This commission was for a series of sketches to be turned into a collage of sorts, cleaned up sketches, no inkwork or color of any sort (artist said he’d like to color some of them, but that’s at his own discretion).

About a month goes by, and he gets a hold of me and informs me of some thumbnail work he was doing for the commission. Initially, I thought that everything was going to be just fine (and he said he didn’t imagine it taking very long either, so that was another plus).

As time goes by, however… I don’t hear anything about my commission. As I’m watching other peoples’ pictures get finished and uploaded, I’m still twiddling my thumbs and wondering when my turn will come. It’s been a little over a year now, and I’m just now getting rough sketch WIPs for my commission (received at the end of May ’13).

This guy is a friend of mine and I trust him, but I don’t think I should have to wait much longer, and I don’t want to have to ask for a refund now that I’ve at least seen -something-.

Advice and thoughts?

6/23/2013 edit - Got a hold of artist after work. Some apparent miscommunication was had, and hashed out the rest of the necessary WIPs. Things appear to be going in the right direction. He was also understanding, too, so that's nice.

7/1/2013 edit - Picture was finished up to my level of satisfaction. Artist apologized for the wait and miscommunication too, which was nice. Can I have this marked as resolved? Thank you kindly.
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