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Advice needed

Let it be known, that I am debating on writing an artist beware journal on this person, but I could really use the advice.

I commissioned a friend back in 2011 (I believe) fr a 6 page full color comic totally $100. She was kind enough to give me time to pay all of it, since I did not have the funds to pay it off all at once. I believe it took me about 4 months or so to pay it off. She said she would start right away.

A little while later she had some life issues, but I didnt mind, since she was kind enough to give me all that time to pay, I figured I could give her more time than I normally would to finish my comic.

A year goes by, and nothing. Not even a WIP. I message her asking about it repeatedly, maybe a few weeks apart. She says her tablet is broken so she can't draw at the moment.

Just recently, she went on vacation to 2 different places, both very far from where she lives. She came home and has a brand new tablet. I messaged her again, and asked for just a WIP of just the first page of my comic. I did not think this was unreasonable. That was five days ago and she still hasn't replied.

Should I start pestering her about it? Ask for a refund if shes not going to do it? Should I post about her on here?

I worry this will affect our friendship, but at the same time I really REALLY wanted this comic. I wrote the script myself and everything.
Tags: advice for commissioners
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