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Advice on Pay after Commission

I don;t do many paid after commission and I doubt I will again. I haven't paid the artist but I had agree to paid after their done or after WIP. I want a few opinion on these cases.

Case 1:
The artist never note me, send me WIP, and a year past. My life been up and down, college was stressful, and I forgot the cancel the commission within the one year. Note: One reason I forgot was the commissioner never inform me of any update or WIP or even bother to tell me they were alive and working on it. Do I still have to paid them and if I don't will I be an bad commissioner? How long can the artist hold me accountable for my commission when they never bother inform me of my commission? (assuming I forgot to cancel which I know will happen over a year)

(base this on being a good person and commissioner in your opinion)
If they take say a year, would I have a right to ask them to wait/hold for payment because I didn't realize I owe anyone anything for about a year? (assuming I did not get any update or information about the commission in a year) If I can ask them hold for payment, how long would I have? I want to say 3 month for them to wait since they did made me wait a year without any update but that seem like a long time. However they can hold on the my commission until I paid in that 3 month.If they refuse to hold and I don't have the money would I be the one at fault? (same circumstances as above)

Case 2:
When should I cancel a paid after commission if I don;t get any update and WIP?

Sorry for the rambling but I never been in this spot before.I always paid before but the artist ask for after so I am in need of advice. I had gotten artist ignore me and scam a few time so I am being careful.
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