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Advice Wanted - Credit Card Fees and Paypal Discussion

I've been wondering about this issue for quite a while now, so I'd like some feedback.

From my understanding Paypal charges additional per-transaction fees when using a credit card, as opposed to paying with pre-paid Paypal credit. I figured that these fees would correspond to those paid by a business when the customer pays using a credit card at the store.

When the whole issue of Google Wallet was brought up, I discussed the service both online and offline. From my understanding, using a credit card to send money with Google Wallet results in fees for the sender/customer, not the recipient. When making business transactions on Paypal, the recipient is required to pay those fees.

This feature of Google Wallet doesn't appeal to me. In my country, it's technically illegal for businesses to charge customers the credit card fees, and I'm pretty sure that it was or still is legal in the States. However, members of the furry community have justified the customer paying credit card fees because they don't technically own the money that they're paying with.

I don't disagree with that statement, since that's basically how a credit card works. However, I don't understand how it actually justifies the customer paying those fees and not the business owner. I've discussed this issue with small business owners from my area, and none of them felt that the customer should pay the fees.

This bugs me because I've always been using my credit card for Paypal transactions, for I'm not comfortable linking my Paypal account with my bank account. I also haven't seen any statements regarding the actual method of Paypal payment in the ToS of any artists I've bought from.

Basically, I'd like some advice and discussion regarding the following:
1. How exactly does the whole "the customer isn't paying with his own money" justify Google Wallet charging the customer, but Paypal charging the business?
2. For what reasons would the opinions of artists on online art communities differ from those of other art professionals and small business owners? (Preferably reasons other than Paypal fees being slightly higher with credit cards, as not all business owners use Paypal.)
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