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Update: Stellary/Absinthe/Inky

An update for this post: http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/586057.html
Not sure how to format update posts, so...

WHO: Previously known as Stellary/Absinthe aka Inky/Nancy/Stellary on Chatlands, she has since changed accounts (surprise!) on FA and Chatlands.  She is now using the account Octodog on FA and Bobby on Chatlands, as well as Dogopus (NSFW) on FA.

WHERE: Main base: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/octodog, commission transactions took place on TheTotemLands (prior to closing) and on Serenity Isles

2 "poses" from TTL ($8 each) and 3 poses on Serenity ($13) each; one owed TTL pose completed
Totals about $47

WHEN: Commission began around June 2009, original post to A_B in 2012, added to refund journal in May 2012

So I was added to a refund journal after posting the original topic (linked above).  Shortly after she made that refund journal she switched accounts, and has since switched again.

I lost track of her for awhile due to these account swaps but finally found her again and sent her a note:
Once in February:
And again in March:

She never replied to the note but instead made a journal about commissions (my comment is the hidden one, how nice!):

Since that journal I'd been keeping some sort of eye on her current account and managed to catch this:

She has since deleted ALL of her journals.

She's also made herself an alternate, adult-only account, Dogopus. She recently accepted several commissions on this account:

Due to the deletion of her journals I've sent her an email regarding my owed work:

So, as of today she still owes me close to $50 and owes, probably, hundreds of dollars in refunds to others.  She is still ripping people off and avoiding completing old work or issuing refunds.
At this point, I am researching my legal options in order to get my money back.

As if this community did not already know, avoid at all costs!

Tags: artist-absinthe/stellary/inkyfox/spiffy, beware

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