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A user (I'll keep them unnamed for now) is claiming I owe them a commission. They refused to post a note or paypal screencap of said transaction and ended up turning to insults.

"ok let me note you then.
also i liked your art better when you were at DA.
i hate your new art its revolting and your anatomy sucks.
I just want my money back ive been waiting forever"

"I already said it. Dumbass. Try checking your owed list. "

"Wow you really art dumber than I thought you were. "

Even after asking multiple times for a paypal screencap, he refuses. He said I accepted the commission via DeviantART, and provided a username which is not mine. He keeps insisting it is me, and refuses to provide a screenshot and keeps threatening me with AB and reporting on FA. I keep asking for screencap, yet he refuses. For reference my dA account is under the username 'eatdicks' and I do not owe any commissions on it at all. I have also only owned one paypal, which I got when I joined FA, and I can have people back this up as well due to repeat commissions who had commissioned me back then. As of now he said he is noting me, but yet I have nothing.

I'm afraid to block him and have him go to the FA mods as they aren't really the best as looking in to things, and I don't want to be branded as a scammer because they didn't look in to it.

In all honesty he just seems like the kind of guy to not stop, no matter what, and I'm really tempted to just send him money, if it's just a small amount, to get him off my back.

What should I do?

EDIT - He has yet to note me, and posted rude comments on my ID. I have opened a TT for harassment.
Tags: advice for artists

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