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Looking for Advice: Did I handle this right?

Sorry I've never posted here before so please forgive me if the format is wrong. I'm coming here seeking advice. A sticky situation arose yesterday. I shall be vague to protect identities and not incite drama.

So I made some hand paws and posted them to sell about a week and a half ago. Someone came along wanting to buy said paws and pay full price (lets say 75$) but they would need some time before they send money. I tell them I can hold it for a little while And after that this person disappears. I hold the paws for at least 10 days. I email asking for payment or else I'd be forced to sell the paws. I've got bills to pay and I live off my arts and crafts so I couldn't afford to wait. I waited for a reply and I got none.

Enter someone else who wants the same paws. Just to give a bit of history they've commissioned me in the past back when I was going through my "dark days". I wasn't able to send out the badge of the commission so when I finally got back on my feet I gave them a full refund even though the digital art was on FA. So this sets the mood for the current situation. They only only offer and pay 25$ for the paws. Everything was good until the next morning my paypal was 75$ richer with a note saying there'd been some storms and the previous buyer's net was out. I was at a loss for what to do so I messaged them telling them I've sold the paws but let me see if I could work something out.

So I emailed the person who paid 25$ and I was upfront and honest telling them what happened and that I was honestly more interested in the 75$ deal. But I didn't want them to go empty handed. I had the exact same pattern and I could make the same paws or something slightly different and still send it to them. Or I could refund them if they didn't like that. I was willing to work things out. (I told the 75$ buyer this and they were fine if I chose to make the paws the same for 25$ person since they'd never meet being in another country or I could make them something else and they wouldn't mind waiting)

25$ buyer sends me a rather angry reply saying they've had it with dealing with me and they want the paws or their money back an I'll never get business from them again. I understand being angry but being really uncivil and dredging up old stuff to throw at me was kinda uncool uncool when everything was civil (leaving off what they said). 75$ person didn't mind waiting til I made them something else so I told 25$ person that I'd honor the original dealing and send them the paws as agreed.

But now I feel some kind of way about this whole ordeal. Even though Everything was worked out I really don't want to deal with 25$ person anymore. I'm so put off I really don't want to send them something I've worked hard on. I honestly want to refund them and be done with them (Mind you these are personal feelings I won't act on them)

This situation has caused me stress to the point I've had a bit of panic and anxiety. I just want to know does anyone else feel I was practicing bad business? What can I do right in the future if I have? I honestly didnt think I did anything wrong by trying to let them know what was going on and trying to work things out between people. If someone can help me and put me at ease this would be helpful.
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