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WHO: Sinn'd Signed aka Cindy G.


WHAT: Two (2) officially licensed handmade bathrobe replicas after the game "Magicka" purchased through her online store (link above).

WHEN: Initial order was placed on 06/19/2011, first sign of trouble was 07/14/2011

PROOF: Storenvy Receipt (June 2011)
Paypal Receipt (June 2011)
First delay (July 2011)
First contact after initial delay (August 2011)
A reply with a Formspring Q&A link attached (October 2011)
Second contact after initial delay (April 2012)
Email sent to all customers regarding refund or resume order (April 2012)
Resuming order (April 2012)
Requesting status update (August 2012)
Asking for a refund/cancel order (October 2012)
Second email requesting a refund/cancel order (April 2013)
Official Paradox forum thread regarding the bathrobes

EXPLAIN: I initially ordered two (2) Paradox licensed handmade bathrobes from Cindy's Storenvy (now shut down/under maintenance indefinitely) store when I read about them online. I ordered one for myself and one for my boyfriend. At first I wanted them for Otakon of 2011, but wasn't expecting them to be finished by then. On July 2011 she emails everyone saying there's a delay, which I was understanding about.

August 2011 and no status updates, I reach out to her asking for a status update. I was also following her Facebook, (she made all tweets private/protected since then) ,Tumblr (which she shut down later) and Blog at the time and noticed she said she was in the process of sending out status update emails or already sent them.

I didn't get such an email, so I reached out to her on October 2011 asking if it accidentally got spam filtered instead. She replied saying there's a resolution in order, and linked me to a Q&A at Formspring.

April 2012 I email her again asking for a status update. She replies the same day saying she's sorting orders out. A couple days later she emails everyone asking if people wanted refunds or to stay the course. I email her back saying I would like to stay with my order.

August 2012 I email her again asking for a status update. No reply.

October 2012 I contact her asking her to cancel my order and request a refund instead. No reply. I google around looking to see if others were also in the same situation and stumbled upon the official Paradox forums. Others were in the same situation, and eventually Paradox took it upon themselves to try and remedy the situation. After a few months of interacting with others/Paradox, someone links to another business venture startup by her. I email her at this new email address on April 2013 asking for a refund again, but no responses so far. There's also a BBB complaint filed against her for the same reason, to which there is no response as of yet.
Tags: artist-sinn/cindyg/sindeegee, beware
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