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Beware Porsha/Fagfox

WHO: Porsha, (not active). (current active account)

WHERE: On FA via notes

WHAT: Have not paid for these 5 digital pieces;

WHEN: May 2012

PROOF: Screenshots in Explain.

EXPLAIN: First time I got in contact with Porsha was during my yearly Badge Sale and she order two badges and needed them pretty much the same day(date May 17th 2012). It was done and I got paid right away. She thanked and said she would commission me another time.

Next day I got another note from her requesting three more badges and two digital art pieces." alt="porsha_commission

I gave her bit of a discont since I had just opened up on commissions. In all for the three badges and the two art pieces was 25$.
I regret to this day I did. I showed her the sketches of all the pieces just a day later and it got approved. I think I uploaded the finished pieces before she had paid for them(biggest mistake). I ask for payment and I get this;" alt="porsha_waitingstart

I agreed to wait and thought it wont take more then 2-3 days to transfer money into paypal. after a week with no contact I left a shout on her Porsha account asking if everything was alright. no answer and her journals were suddenly gone.

In June I asked our fellow friend Bird what had happened. He didn't want to get in detail other then she had a few problems RL. He said he could ask her the next time she logged into skype. He later gave me her skype name but I forgot it since it was summer vacation and I had other things in mind. Time went by and no active on her Porsha account I feared she had quit the fandom.

Start of May 2013 I checked on normaly on FA and clicked on Birds account to see what new faves he had and spotted a very familier black and hotpink fennec icon. It was Porsha on a new account named Fagfox. I was happy she was still alive and a bit angry that she had not given any contact to me. Checked her new profile and spotted her journal saying she had been sendt to hospital.
I wrote; "Hey haven't heard from you in a while, thought you were gone forever. Sorry to hear you been having trouble. hope things will get better and I will be hearing from you again." As I clicked the submit button I was sendt right to a new page that explained that Porsha have blocked me. I looked at the screen for almost 5 minutes hoping it was just a very late aprilfools joke. But no. Porsha have me blocked on her new account that I had no idea about. I checked through her gallery and see some of the pieces she had commissioned(some who she haven't paid for) and there were no credit or link back to me.

She was still in contact with Bird and felt bad that I had to go through him again to get in contact with Porsha. He got in contact with her and I was told through him that Porsha had family problems and they wont let her use her paypal. He offered to pay for the commissions and told him no since its not he who owe me money. I asked him if Porsha could contact me soon as possible or at least ask why I am blocked. Didn't hear for him in days, posted adice post her on AB and then tried to get in contact with him again. The note is still not read and I went to Norwegian Paws to get in contact with him. He said sorry and said eh would try and get in contact with Porsha again. She haven't been speaking to him much anymore. Havent heard anymore from either him or Porsha and its 20.05.2013. Close to a year.

I have not seen any new commissions to her(that I can see), but this is just a heads up to ask for payment before uploading the finished pieces and I have learnt my mistake in this and currently making myself a TOS for future commissions in hope this wont happen again. But doing commissions after Porsha haven't been fun anymore either becouse of fear it will happen again.

Also the notes between me and Bird was in Norwegian, but if you all still want to see them I can take screenshots of them.

Here is the latest message from Porsha:

-Edit 20.06.2014-
While I was lookin on her old profile I saw some shouts telling the account was dead and long and behold Porsha is back with a new fursona, but had the same name and her real name public(Someone noted me her real name since she posted the unpaid art work on Facebook).
Here is her new account:

-Edit 21.06.2014-
Got contact with Porsha and I choose to put all this behind and move on :)
so this is resolved.

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Tags: comm-porsha/fagfox, resolved

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