noctowl (noctowl) wrote in artists_beware,

Beware: KitNabarii/BlueTigerKitty

WHO: KitNabarii / BlueTigerKitty


WHAT: She won digital YCH auction for $50, link to the auction (NSFW):

WHEN: Auction won on March 2nd, never recieved payment


The original submission with their bids in (NSFW):
First note from here giving me refs on the ending date:
Reminder note for payment (read but not answered):
Reminder note for payment (read not answered):
Yet another reminder and response that she will pay on later that week:
Another reminder and her response (she answered on the same day):
More excuses:
Excuses (my message was sent on 16th):
Last message from me (not read):


I held a YCH mature auction and KitNabarii bid on both of the poses. She won the picture for $50 total and I gave her the quote and told her to send the refs to me. I received the refs but not the payment. I contacted her again a week after asking for the payment but never received a response from her. Send another reminder on the payment another week later but didn't get any kind of respose for that either. On the third try (almost month later) I got a respose that she will be paying later that week, but of course I never got the payment.

Because I had not heard from her on Friday or weekend for that matter, I sent her another note asking for the payment and she told me that she was at hospital (I think?). I received a response that she would pay me on April 12th and I told her that I would be waiting for till then. I was really frustrated but being way too nice about this and decided to wait. Friends told me that it has taken way too long for her payment but I was still being too nice about it because I really needed that money.

After sending yet another message on the payment after the 12th, I got a message from her saying that her Paypal was closed down till May 1st (she said that she told me but I went trought every message and she never told me that). I said that I would wait till then but of course I got nothing after 1st and sent her one last reminder message on 3rd. I will not wait anymore because I know I wont get the payment (unless she pays after this post has been published).

I know I was being too nice and gave her over 2 months to pay because of her 'issues'. She never told me anything beforehand, only after I had sent her note. The last note is still unread and both of her accounts have been inactive for couple weeks. I learned that I will not let myself give the commissioner that much time to pay when the payment was supposed to be sent in three days.
Tags: artist-kurokitten87/kurokedel/kitnabarii, beware
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