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Advise really needed

For almost a year I have been waiting on a customer who owe me some money for 5 commissions. Over a week ago I found out through a friend that she had a new account. Notice a journal that says she have been sendt to hospital and as I was about to leave her a message wishing her best of luck but I get the message that I am blocked. It felt like being hit in the face. She have uploaded some of the commissions I did for her(even one she have yet to pay for), but without credits or link back to the original.

so I had to send a note to her friend who is also my friend to be able to contact her. Got a message back from our friend and he told me she couldn't use her paypal becouse her family wont let her. He offered to pay for her, I had so say no to that. The last note I got from her before she disappered it was her fiance had taken her money and was the reason she couldn't pay me right away back then. This was the note:

I replied I could wait, and I am still waiting.

Should I wait and see if she messages me before I post a beware on her?
Tags: advice for artists, lost contact

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