Shizimiru Okame (Shizimiru Okame) wrote in artists_beware,
Shizimiru Okame
Shizimiru Okame

Bae bunny refuses to continue editing mistakes without a 75 usd payment or they will "dispute"?

TLDR: Bae bunny of fa made mistakes on a 100 dollar commission for 5 icons, 20 a piece. Makes many mistakes after agreeing to edits, then refuses the edits after a while demanding 75 usd, or they will dispute the transaction.

WHAT: 5 icons for 100.00 usd, Made mistakes and refuses to continue editing unless they receive an addtional 75.00usd

WHEN: A few months ago to current day.
commission dissussions: (they got the 5 customs)

Artist agrees to make edits:

Bae claims before argument that they are raising prices here on out:

Bae claims to dispute the payment unless paied:

My responce after being told I would have to pay more or be disputed:

My self expaining some edits that are needed to be done:

My refernaces: (WARNING MAY BE NSFW)

as you can see these references are very detailed so the mistakes are on the Bae's not mine.

One of the icons where the frames are botched:
in this icon you see the horn is messed up, and they refused to fix this icon as well as the other 3.
this is the only icon done correctly but edits still needed to be made at first,

you can see here that he requires the reffernaces so he can evuate his prices:

Explain: He's done this work a lot they should have known better then to take this commission for that price. Bae knew the difficulty of this project and still took it on, why should I have to pay 75.00 usd for something they messed up? This sounds kinda fishy and scam like to get more money out me.

Take for example you have a mechanic fix your car, and they mess up, would you pay them more to fix it?
this could have been avoided if the user had a tos stating that after a certain amount of edits the commissioner would then pay edit fee's, this user does not have a TOS that I can find.

There are more notes that aren't shown due to the fact it's the same argument over and over, I paid you for this, why won't you finish your job?

Icons they are very personable to the people getting them, and at 20 apiece you expect them to be very well done. after being on a waiting list for months, they are contacted a few weeks ago and they paid for the work and now this... The artist has not replied in about 24 hours, but has read the notes sent by the user.

What do?
Tags: artist-baebunny, comm-shizimiru okame/comico/shizi, resolved

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