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Beware: spadefoot

WHO: SpadeFoot, SpadeHand, Captain YES!, SoulHander, ChessyCat, various aliases containing Ace or Spade or both

WHERE: Operates on Inkbunny,, FurAffinity, Hentai-Foundry

WHAT: 40 unique digital and traditional images

WHEN: By admission from the commissioner, he "first got the idea" as of January 13th, 2011, and the commissions were multitudinous, and on-going since then.

PROOF: The proof I have is the archive of 40 images of commissioned pornography involving -- among other characters neither belonging to me, nor the commissioner -- the four following characters of mine that he did not own, and did not have permission to use:

Characters owned by me, :
- Jam (red female monkey) - Proof of ownership:
- Latika (brown/beige female slow loris) - Proof of ownership:
- Tabitha (beige female sand cat) - Proof of ownership:
- Boogie (green male monkey, Jam's 6-year-old brother) - Proof of ownership:

EXPLAIN: Over the course of two years, this person, who was a close, personal friend of mine, secretly commissioned pornographic art of the above characters without my knowledge or consent. These images featured graphic, violent rape, strangulation, bondage, impregnation, and incest among other things. A prevailing majority of it featured his character and others raping and impregnating mine. He also in many cases utilized other peoples' characters to rape mine; in other words, commissioned rape art involving characters he had absolutely no ownership of or right to use. Some of the images of my characters were edited splices of my own art. This person, when confronted with it, maintains that what he did would have been alright if only none of us had found out. Furthermore, he cites me as a partial cause of it, saying that I gave him the idea for it when I posted this image:, and that my character received the majority of his fixation simply because she was written in a way that appealed to him, and I supplied a lot of reference art for him to use.



When confronted about it, the commissioner maintained that what he did would have been alright if only none of us had found out.


Obviously, I wish to not post the offending images themselves, and the mod team has allowed me to submit the graphic proof in a private format, not to be seen publicly as this is a very sensitive and hurtful topic to me, and all of the other people that were affected.
Tags: beware, comm-spadefoot
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