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Lost Contact: Jeso/Jesonite

Greetings fellow life forms,
I've lost contact with Jeso (FA)/Jesonite (dA) during a commission. As it's been about a year now since I last heard from him (the Ninth of May, Two Thousand and Twelve, to be exact) so I figured I'd cast a line out and see if anyone knows if he's still about.

Thanks for the time spent reading at least~

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May. 7th, 2013 10:23 pm (UTC)
Ok. Got some news.

He's been working as a teacher, so he's been spending his days teaching classes and his nights grading his students.

He is also been working on his masters.

My friend, who knows him way much better than I do, will try to pass him the message over the weekend and link him to this A_B post.

Hope this helps.

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