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Issues with Commissioner - HELP! What to do?

Hello! Basically, I commissioned someone beginning of March to make an item for me; the total cost of this was $156 (they are US based, whereas I am UK). I paid this in two separate lots via Paypal as I later added on an extra option, and everything was great!

However, my original deadline was for the end of April/beginning of May; this is not going to happen as I'm not aware if the item has been shipped or not. As it was a large sum of money, I'm now starting to get a little worried as the window for opening a dispute is not far off closing.

My issue is this; the person I commissioned was brilliant at the beginning, but for the past few weeks has been 'off' with me; the first was when I asked for pictures of my item, to which the response was that it wasn't complete or been worked on, as they had been ill. Naturally, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I asked simply for some WIPs, just to see how it was getting along, and she said she'd get some.

Two weeks later, and despite sending messages asking for WIPs to be sent or uploaded for me, she keeps responding 'I'll upload them tomorrow'. Problem is, she never DOES upload them, and it's making me feel nervous as to whether I'll ever actually get this item, or if I've been conned. They promised to send the item last weekend, with 3-4 days shipping; so realistically, it should be here latest the end of next week.

I'm going to try contact her on Facebook, as I found her through a Fursuit Makers group on there, and contacting her on FA doesn't seem to be getting anywhere.

What should I do? Should I open a dispute and refuse to close it until I receive the actual item, or ask for a refund, or do I keep trying to message her despite the fact I'm getting nowhere, and just keep being told 'I'll upload them tomorrow'?

All advice appreciated!
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