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I need Advise: Facebook Group might be unwilling to give credit to Photographers

For now, I want to keep the group anonymous and give them a slight benefit of a doubt. Please tell me if I do not make sense, while English is my first native language, I did not learn it properly until the age of 8. So, I struggled with it, even to this day.

I am running into an issue lately that a very popular FB page showing digital photographs but without giving the artist's name or credit. I point this issue out to them saying:
"While this is a good page, I feel that owners of the site should credit the original photographers. Even though they admit they are not the photographers themselves- showing off a photograph without the artist's knowing is consider a form of thief can be a copyrighted issue."

They responded quickly saying they are not the owners of the photos and simply sharing. I replied and explained I acknowledged that but they must give credit to the photographers. The Facebook page owners made then made an excuse saying it would be difficult. I told them I can help to find these artist for them.  They had not respond if they accept my assistance or not but continued to upload photos without credit.

So, how should solve this? From I what I read, Facebook is somewhat weird because I cannot report Copyright issues unless I am the original artist of that work (Unless, I read it wrong).

On the one hand- I feel that they are simply appreciation group that means no direct harm to the artist (OR at least not meaning too) and does not have the knowledge on Copyright Laws or how to find and credit the artists.

However, as I watch as they continued to upload photos and ignore my statement and aid- I am growing more suspicious. Especially,  they have a website with similar photographs and still does not give credit to the artists. A friend noticed the post I made and said that I should give the name out on AB to see if any artists who watch this Live-journal recognized their artwork- but, I want to get more evidence by screen shots and what pictures they uploaded. I am thinking to find and contact the original artists and tell them about this issue.

*Edited so it doesn't look like one large paragraph
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