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BEWARE: Unresponsive and LONG WAIT Commissionable Artist (Megansketched@DeviantART)

WHO: MeganSketched (Deviantart) Name: Meg Parker (stated directly on profile)

WHERE: http://megansketched.deviantart.com/

WHAT: I ordered a full body (color) pin up from her commissions, which you can view the information here: http://fav.me/d3quijd
I noted her at first and we were having problems connecting our notes: http://sta.sh/056837f9sdm
Order confirmation:

WHEN: I ordered the commission on October 5th , 2012
I got confirmation of my order on October 11th, 2012
I sent payment on October 11th, which she verified that same day of receiving.

PROOF: Proof of payment: http://sta.sh/01onovfxyqqv
Confirmation from artist: http://sta.sh/02be10hqbhsp

EXPLAIN: I ordered the commission, and was told to expect my sketch soon. I waited and waited and watched her journal for signs of completion. For months it was sitting at that 30% complete range (which it is still at, to this day) http://sta.sh/01vso8r1hnpa
I waited and messaged her in the beginning of January of 2013: http://sta.sh/011idwopxzlu
She replied to that email on January 20th, and gave me my first initial sketch: http://sta.sh/0vskmces2xe
She apologized and promised that she would finish my commission in a timely manner.
I agreed and asked for a very minor change to the line art: http://sta.sh/0ae2owqpfn0
She replied and told me that she wouldwork on the changes that night and send me another rough before doing finalization (which to this day I have not received): http://sta.sh/02838pwh31wd
I emailed her for an update on January 31st: http://sta.sh/01i5qci4yf4w
No answer
I emailed her for an update on February 26, 2013: http://sta.sh/01gtyo1zzpsp
No answer.
I opened a money request via Paypal, trying to get her attention on March 6th, 2013:

As of today (April 2, 2013) I have checked her profile, and she was actively logged in six days ago.
She won’t reply to my email, and won’t send me my final piece. I have been polite and have been waiting for my promised art for six months now, which I find completely unacceptable and unprofessional.

I want to warn commissioners of this artist and would still like a refund, or my final piece that was promised.

(Edit 1-05/01/2013)
Today she has posted a journal on DeviantART (http://fav.me/d63qoz5) talking about her medical problems and everything she has been enduring, along with this sentence at the bottom:
"if you're still waiting on a commission, as i know a few of you are, i greatly apologize. i'm still locating some files from when my computer was wiped, but i will get back to you, i promise. the art must go on! i cannot offer refunds at this time, but i will offer apology freebies if you're interested in another piece. i feel terrible that some of you have had to wait so long, and i hope you can forgive me and return in the future!"

Yet she has not responded to my email, but my note does show as read,
She uploaded the sketch that she showed me back in January-

Update: 07/21/2013
The artist has finally uploaded my commission and opened up more slots. Please be advised.
Finished commission: http://megansketched.deviantart.com/art/Naomi-387187665
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