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BEWARE: xminefieldx

WHO: xminefieldx and

WHERE: [ Traced work and trades of said character] and [source of images created by xminefieldx in order to process trades with others]

WHAT: Stolen/Ripped Off Character[s] and Traced Work mostly [traditional work thats scanned]

WHEN: Started Feb 28th and has still yet to be resolved [ Edit: artwork has been taken down from said sites 4/6/2013 ]


My character:

"Their" character:
Traced Work It came from:

"Their" Work:
Traced Work:

Im sure on their portfolio site the other images are traced from other artists but I'm unsure of which or I dont have the links to the original work.

EXPLAIN: February 28th, 2013 04:23 I sent a note to an artist on FA who drew a picture of what looked like my character, Cheshire. I noticed that the commission was done for someone by the name of xminefieldx. Unsure of how to handle the situation I contacted the artist to inquire on how they came about to drawing that character because it looks almost exactly like mine. I was provided this link.  Upset about the situation I sent a note to xminefieldx. It took some time to receive a response but here is the first set of conversations I had with them.

They took down all the work on the neopets page right after their last note to me.

 March 12th, 2013 06:56 I send out another note to xminefieldx as I find another artist had drawn and posted the same character xminefieldx had acknowledged  the immoral use of the stolen character.

They claimed that this was the last commission floating out there but...

March 22nd, 2013 I accidentally clicked a bookmarked link to xminefieldx's neopets page just to find all the work that was promised to be taken down was now back up. Again upset about it all I decided to search about. I found their direct user name and noticed they posted link to their art and for trades.

This brought me to this page:

Once again my "character" is not only up there but it appears that xminefieldx has been drawing the traced work all along and not some friend of theirs. I noticed some of the work here as direct traces with minor alterations and some of pieces I do not know if they belong to anyone else but since all the styles are different I can only assume each of those was taken from several artists. All of those have copy write notes to xminefieldx with no credit given to the original artist work.

Note: I left the artist that created the commissons for xminefieldx out because I want to keep their names in good sake since I believe they were as much in the dark as I was. This is also my first post here. I hope provided enough detail and alow people to be aware of xminefieldx's ripped off goods. Its possible that trades they have done with other people are just as much as a rip off as the trace of my character and SqueedgeMonsters's art. I also contacted Neopets and I'm waiting for a reply.

Edit 4/3/2013:

Updated List of Tracing




Contest Submissions On Neopets Beauty Contest

Source: Neopets and ranlur
Traced from Likeshines work. Link Above

Apirl 3, 2013 5:58PM:  Artwork has been taken down from here

Edit: 4/6/2013

"Porfolio" Update


All of their work has been taken down. Default pages are now up. Still no word from xminefieldx. I don't really expect anything more to happen from this point on but I will keep updating as necessary.

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