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Commissioner is MIA:

Hi all, advice needed!

I do custom shoe art, and I was recently commissioned by a Tumblr follower for a pair. They sent the payment (as well as a very generous tip) promptly, and we collaborated via asks on what they wanted. Ever since I received the payment, however, I haven't been able to get in touch with the commissioner. I sent an email about 4 days ago with the WIP of the nearly finished shoes for feedback, and to also tell them about some other things I planned on adding on. They didn't respond to it. I've also sent two asks as well since sending the email {they've "liked" a few things on my page during this time, and seem active on the site), and also no response. I know Tumblr isn't the most reliable way to speak to a customer, and asks can get lost/not sent, but how should I go about this? I'm afraid of completing them without feedback, and don't want the commissioner thinking I took their money and ran. At this point, I've used the only two means of contact I have to get in touch with the individual. :( Help?

Edit [3/22]: Still no luck getting in touch with them. At this point, I'm feeling like I should give it another week, and then send back a partial refund (minus what I spent in supplies, and provide proof of receipts). Does that sound like a good plan? I would let the commissioner resend the money at a later date, if I was finally able to contact them.

Edit [3/27]: Decided to mail them as is this Friday. But the commissioner finally got back in touch with me today! Yay!
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