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Advice needed - no updates or communication after a month

I do not wish to drop names yet, so I need advice on this.

I started a thread on FA forums looking for people who did icons; this persons posts, we discuss and end up in a deal of $45 for two animated avatars. I asked them to send me an invoice. The invoice had the following message:

"Expected completed time for both is a week depending on how this week progresses. I will keep you updated with progress as its made. If you have any questions please contact me and I will try and respond asap. Thank you."

I paid the invoice on Feb 1st. I did not wish to ask for the avatars after while -I honestly forgot about it hoping the artist had the decency to at least tell me "sorry for the delay, I'm working on your stuffs". Time passes by with no update. I forgot to remind the artist about my commission. On February 20th, with still no update or any sort of word, I leave for a 5 days trip with no internet; I hoped an update for when I came back.
Not a word when I came back.
I sent them a note of FA on Feb 27th which remains unread.
On March 3rd I sent them an email since the note wasn't read and their FA page didn't show any recent activity.
I went then to their FAF profile; it showed they had recent activity a couple hours ago so I decided to send them a message there on the 4th. I checked the option to see of the user read the message, as of today it looks like this;

Sent Date: 03-04-2013 07:42 PM
Read Date: Unread

FAF opens a pop-up message when you get a PM which is hard to ignore; if they have this option disabled I do not know, I assumed they have it enabled since they knew the had a pending commission and since our deal was made through there.
On the 5th, with still no word from them, their FAF profile showed they had activity a couple hours ago before I checked.

That same day I receive the news that my scholarship will be delayed for two months; if I was not going to receive the avatars I wanted the money back because I'll need it, so on March 6th I decide to open a Dispute on Paypal.

The last activity according to their FAF profile was on 03-05-2013 12:22 AM.
The only words I ever got from this artist were our message to decide the price, amount of avatars and content. I never got any kind of update, not in my public email, not a reply on the email I sent her, not a message on the email I sent payment from, not a word on FA or FAF.

The person in question didn't seem suspicious or rude at all, they don't have a post here, I even made a trade with them a long time ago, so I never suspected anything from them.
I'd understand if they were busy or if they just didn't feel like working on the commission and wished to delay it, I'd be ok with that, but I never got a word from them, not even a "working on them", even if they were not it'd be enough for me.

What do I do with this person? Do I post a Beware? I never wanted something like this and expected for the artist to be decent, and I don't wish to screw our communication or get the artist to "hate" me.
Will the dispute seem too rude? I only opened the dispute because I had no word from them for over a month; I admit I have taken a similar time without updating a couple costumers, but once they ask I update them or send them a note with "sorry for the delay, I'm still working on your stuffs."

And, how do Paypal dispute work after escalating? The deadline is on the 26th but I'll need the money before that.

Now I feel terrible for making my costumers wait one week or a few days without giving them any update.

Any advice will be appreciated.
English is not my mother tongue, so excuse any mistake I have made.
Tags: advice for commissioners

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