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BEWARE - Zorax89

WHO: Zorax89, frostybiggens


WHAT: Icon Commission

WHEN: December 18th and February 23rd

PROOF: 1st case in December, final note containing whole conversion. His replies are red boxed since Fa's quote system doesn't work.

Sudden notes that I received February 23rd.

Proof they are indeed the same person since his fa and da do not link to each other, not does his da have any of his art.

EXPLAIN: 1st I’ll say, in the da notes, the quote he’s taking from me is from here -, a rant journal i posted months after the ordeal with him edit: Journal was deleted but screencap is here - , also the date was a month before he commissioned me, i saw the date wrong , and that had nothing to do with him. I had seen my friends being bothered about postings journals, been bothered on DA with a crit on a work I didn't ask for crits on (i was already in a bad mood and it was just plain rude) who I flagged as spam and don’t even remember their name, and various other drama things that had bothered me that day.

In my rules that are directly located in my commissions journal, I have it where I do not accept as refs or draw any mature art. That’s just how it is, and I’ve yet to have any issues with commissioners finding a clean ref or censoring them enough for me to use. I do not turn off the mature block so even if they try, I can't see it. I know other artists who also don’t do mature art and prefer nonmature refs. I make a very GOOD living just drawing as I’m comfortable. After the banter in the fa note, I ended up blocking him and leaving it at that. I didn’t post anything about it, I whined a bit to a friend, but what was about it. I moved on, whatever. Not every customer is the greatest.

Then on February 23rd, I saw I had received a note on my DA from someone i didn't recognize. they didn't say who they were, even after i said i didn’t know who they were, and you can see the conversion. I got very aggravated as you can tell at the sudden assault from some unknown person who apparently had a grudge against me. at this point, I remembered, I’ve only ever blocked ONE person on FA. that was zorax89 in order to end the conversion and prevent them from future messages. I checked their DA only to see no useful info what so ever, and none on his FA that linked back to the DA. then i decided to try my luck with the journals, and if there was nothing, I’d just leave it be as some random persons rant. unfortunately, I found the above journals posting of his birthday, both on the same day. they were indeed the same person, attacking me months afterward.

This is NOT a commissioner you want, and I’m glad I didn’t take his second commission. And I will not let it simply end with him attacking me and walking away. I've also recieved word that this isn't the 1st case of him harassing artists, and will update this post as screencaps and information come to me.

Current Mood: Annoyed
Tags: beware, comm-zorax89/frostybiggens

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