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EDIT: I got my designs today, so this can be marked as resolved. c :

WHO: Rehmiel

WHERE: http://rehmiel.deviantart.com/

WHAT: I ordered a digital art commission of two character designs. I gave the artist a description of what I wanted, and the commission was accepted. I promptly payed for the designs.
Here is a screen-cap of the entire transaction.

WHEN: I commissioned Rehmiel on July 31st, 2012. I received no contact since then, and have finally decided to contact about my commissions on February 8th.

PROOF: Here is the paypal transaction. http://imgur.com/FQm56J7

EXPLAIN: I commissioned Rehmiel for the designs on July 31st, 2012. I also payed on this date. Several months passed and I never heard from Rehmiel concerning my commission. Rehmiel mentioned to some potential customers that they were a little backed up on commissions, so I figured that maybe they simply had a lot of commissions and that it'd take a while before they got to mine. I continued to wait.

On February 8th, I noticed that they uploaded a design for sale. By that time, I was no longer interested in the designs, because it'd been so long. I decided that I would send a note asking about a possible refund, or at least status on my commission.

My note was quickly read, but was not replied to. I waited a week before sending another note.

http://gyazo.com/fb0ce38cf5a644784ee3975dc8584ca7 (I accidentally put June instead of July.. That was a mistake on my part.)
The note went unread. Since then, I have not been able to get in contact with Rehmiel.

I would add more screencaps of communication, but the thing is, there wasn't any. I was never contacted once after I sent the payment. I recently found that the artist has been active on Tumblr, including uploading personal art. I'm unsure why my notes have not been read or replied to. But I would really love to resolve this and find a solution that works for both of us.

Edit: On March 1st, I was able to get in contact with Rehmiel again after sending an ask on Tumblr. I was informed that my commission would be worked on, and that a refund was not possible. (screen cap: http://gyazo.com/34b534c2670bce397cf412647e3a8d2c ) I replied to the note, but since then, I have received no further contact, and my reply went unread. Will update this with further information if I am contacted again. Hoping to see a resolve soon.
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