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Issues with a fursuit trade...

Alright, so, last summer somewhere around June/July of 2012, I started a fursuit trade with the user "KazeTorashi", also known as "LigercraftSuits" on FurAffinity. Things had been going well. She was always very polite and wonderful to talk to and quick to reply to any questions I had. The tail had been completed on July 23rd and can be seen here:

The initial deadline was to be September 19, on which day the suit should have been completed, already shipped, and in my posession as a birthday gift for myself. On September 5th, the paws to my suit and a picture of the foam base were posted.

This Sept. 19th deadline was missed, but I didn't mind too much seeing as she had other things on her plate that people had paid for that she had to to first and there was enough done on my fursuit for me to rest easy.

There were a few more "deadlines" floating around after that, but they were all missed as well. I sat tight for the next update, and sure enough on January 4th of this year the pictures of my full partial had been posted. Hooray!

I don't remember the exact date but not too long after that was posted up I got into a Skype conversation where we discussed shipping prices. It was decided that I would pay for shipping on the Thera partial and she would pay for shipping on my end of this trade, a black husky partial. She gave me a quote of 13$ and a few days after the Skype chat on January 17th I sent her 16$ to make sure it would cover any and all fees or extra charges. I wanted to be sure she had everything she needed of course!
Screencap of the payment:

On January 22nd I got my stuff together and mailed out my end of the trade.
According to the tracking number and Canada Post website the suit arrived at the address I was given on January 28th.

On February 11th I asked for an update on their end of the trade via note on FA, which can be seen here:

That note, along with the one where I told her my end had been shipped, still haven't been read. Now I don't want to seem impatient here, but I'm starting to get a little frustrated. I have had NO contact with KazeTorashi since our Skype chat ~2 months ago and since then I've sent her a note, page shouts, an e-mail, another note to one of her roomates, and got a friend of mine with her cell number to send her a text. Still no replies at all to any of these attempts.

Now, I'm an EXTREMELY patient person when it comes to things like this, and I don't like pestering people, and I certainly don't want to bother or annoy the suit maker as she's always been the sweetest girl ever to deal with and I wish her the best in life and her fursuit endeavors, but I'm also not very pleased with how she's been handling this situation. The most important thing when you're running a business if to make yourself available to the people you're working with so that at least they know whether or not there's an issue. I've simply been stranded in the dust here with no idea as to what's going on with my suit and now I'm feeling like I have lost 52$ AND my black husky fursuit AND my Thera partial all at once.

I'm really hoping for the best and for her to pull through on this, and it hasn't been TOO long since I last saw her around(she posted a journal on the 29th of January saying things would be shipped on her next day off work), but since she owes me my suit and some shipping money(which I don't mind letting go of if I get my fursuit!) and hasn't been in contact at all, it makes me worry that something might be wrong. At the same time I'm trying to be patient and remain calm about all this, but it's coming up on one whole month since the last time she's been active *anywhere* online and it's very worrisome behaviour.

Hopefully I hear something from her soon, because her work is amazing and so is she, and I'd really hate to see something happen to her as she's a brilliant artist in many ways and deserves the best out of this fandom in my opinion.
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