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Advice - genuine disappearance

Hello all,

New here (as you can probably tell). I am just seeking some advice about what to do in this situation.

There is an artist I've commissioned multiple times before. He's been the most friendly and trustworthy artist I've ever commissioned.

But lately, I paid for another commission, and then he suddenly disappeared. He hasn't been on his DA for 5 weeks straight. Keep in mind that his turn around for commissions is about two weeks, so it's very unusual he's just gone.

I'm pretty sure he is not active anywhere else. Like I said, had multiple commissions done by this guy, and he's nothing but trustworthy. It really does seem like something awful has happened to him.

I have already paid in full for the commission via PayPal. My question is, do you think it wise of me to file a dispute to retrieve the money? As if it passes 45 days, I can never get it back.

On one hand I want to have the money returned to me, incase he does not return. And if he returns, I can just pay the price again.

On the other hand, it seems like a lousy thing to do on my part, considering something serious might be up.

Argh, the dilemma. Suggestions? To file a payback or not?
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