radical fundamentalist digital artist (vaekke) wrote in artists_beware,
radical fundamentalist digital artist

Question about Paypal's invoicing system

Hey everyone!

On recommendation of others, I'm trying to get in the practice of sending invoices for my commissions, so that there are fewer chances of people mentioning FA, and another reason was so that I could select "services" instead of "goods" to avoid any trouble with paypal!

but oops, I just realized there's no option to select "services" instead of "goods", and goods is the default!

Do I have to resort to the "request money" option? I liked how organized the invoicing system was, but my whole goal was "avoid getting my account shut down" haha. I feel like others here have made invoicing work for them, unless they're just using it as shorthand for the "request money" option?
Tags: advice for artists, advice for commissioners, paypal
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