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Advice - Shipping Estimates

I don't know if this is me just being paranoid, as I'm new to the business world for items needing to be shipped, and quite worried about messing up and possibly getting negative reputation.

I ship with USPS and will provide the express and priority mail shipping rate from their online price calculator when the shipping price is requested, but I'm a bit confused for when shipping is more expensive than the estimate from online I normally pay out-of-pocket with money from the sale itself, but what do I do when I accidentally overcharge the customer? (I luckily haven't done this yet, I have accidentally undercharged) Also, how can I make sure my shipping estimates are fully accurate?

I'm just really worried about keeping a good reputation for when I sell more / offer commissions more, and I want my reputation to be correct. (As I've seen overcharging on shipping being a problem in some bewares, but not the main point normally.)

I purchase the boxes at the post office when going out to ship, if that makes a difference.

Thank you in advance for any responses!
Tags: advice for artists

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