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Blaque Tygriss "update"...

Another not-really-update to this continuing thread:

I should compile her list of excuses cause frankly, they're getting kinda funny seeing them all together: now she claims to be getting seperated from her husband. Back in October she said she had enlisted said husband for help on commissions. Things sure went to hell fast for them after that I guess (if she treats her commissioners so badly I can only imagine what home life is like...).

And I'm getting trolled by a friend of hers. Fun! :) When I asked on her list for her newest excuse for not sending commissions I got the following heated comments from axle_gear_thylacine:

"Yes, the latest reason is you're a fucking bastard who doesn't deserve
a comission.

At least, I sure think so. Now GTFO"

When I replied that after paying $400 for it, an entire month's salary for me just about, I got:

"Oh, so your pathetic salary is more important than someone's life?

I'll make sure to greet you on the way down when you die."

Consider this a warning for those considering going to her list to ask about commission status. ;) I guess old axle is trying to add "she has cancer", or something, to her list of excuses. someone's life? *shakes head* just another frustration on this whole ordeal is dealing with those who support her bad!business ways.

PS: so what exactly is going down with that list of bad!artists ($100 or more)? There've been others, now and then, that I've seen complain about BT and I'd like to let them know, if they be interested.
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