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Advice for when commissioners reupload art?

I don't think this is covered anywhere, but I have a slight problem/question about when a commissioner reuploads the art on their page. I'm fine with people reuploading, and I provide a resized file for them to use, the same one I use for submitting files to my FA. I also, of course, provide the full size picture. Recently, I finished a picture, and sent off the files. I found out that the commissioner had reuploaded the picture -- which is fine, I skim the reuploads for comments and to make sure I've been referenced in the description somewhere.

Usually, commissioners always use the presized version for their upload, but this particular one did not. I tried asking them politely to use the file I've provided them instead of the original file (FA resized it anyway, but it's still larger than I had intended, and the file that I had sent them). They asked why, I tried to give an explanation, they outright disagreed/refused. I'm trying to be polite, but he wasn't the nicest person throughout the commission process either.

My question here is, shouldn't a commissioner respect the artist's wishes when reuploading a commissioned picture to their own page? I set the size at 800*600 because I felt it was a nice, easy to view size for most screens/devices. His reasoning is that he has a 1080p screen, why should he care about the other people out there with smaller screens/what's the point of having the large file (which is 7200*5400) if he can't share it? It was a YCH auction piece, he's not the only person in the image, and I've tried to tell him that I provide the larger image so that people can use it as a desktop, share personally among friends, print, etc., do whatever privately with, as long as it doesn't provide them profit. I don't know what to do, and I'm just hoping for some advice about reuploading content. What's worked for other people? Am I wrong to say that he needs to use the file I've provided? I've never had this issue before... Oh, and I don't have a ToS right now, it's in progress of being written, but I can't exactly stop taking commissions just cause I don't have one yet ;_; I hadn't had the urge to work on it faster because most people are... quite decent people/commissioners o.o

I have screencaps of the conversation, but I don't want to necessarily use those unless I make an actual beware of the commissioner (his attitude wasn't very polite, but not exceptionally rude. There was no insulting, just nothing... pleasant.)

Thanks in advance!
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