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In need of auction advice...

Hello A_B!

I've joined the growing trend of running auctions within my journal on Furaffinity. I do realize that hosting auctions in this manner is far more 'dangerous' than running it on, oh lets say, ebay or it's furry equivalents. Up until today its run very smoothly. Last night I had an auction end with the highest bidder being an anon account. There was activity and the account had been open since March of 2011. I didn't think too much of it, I've had anon bidders before. In the past I've received a reply from the highest bidder with in 24 hours. This time nothing.They haven't even read the note yet. Now, this auction wasn't exactly very active. I had two bids, the first bid and the winning bid.  At this point the anon account is starting to raise red flags. I do a little digging and find out that the winning bidder's account is the first bidders old account. Again, it took a lot of digging but I found this out through their 'mates' submission posts. I screenshot everything just in case.

My question to you guys is what should I do. First and foremost I allow one week for payment to be sent for the commission, but given the circumstances I don't know if I should bother waiting that long before I post a beware. And given the 'rough' nature of hosting makeshift auctions on FA is that something I should even bother posting here? What should I do now?
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