xaxona (xaxona) wrote in artists_beware,

Child Pornographer?

Hey all, I am new here but I had a run in with a Comissioner recently who I suspect of being an advocate of child pornography in a sense. I wanted to bring it to people's attention because he is asking for many comissions from people on deviantArt and I want people to know that they should maybe stay away from him.

Why do I think he advocates child pornography and why should this be avoided if he is not asking for you or anyone to comission things of that nature?

His AIM is RoninninjaGemini and his deviantArt name is DragonTamerGemini and he asked me to do a commission for him of what he called "Chibi Goku". "Chibi Goku" REALLY meant Goku from Dragon Ball as a little kid (which ever series that was... there are too many to keep track). Okay, so that wasn't a big deal.... until he started pressing the fact that Kid Goku MUST be naked. Okay, I've seen some cute pictures from the show of Goku's ickle butt and his cute tail and such and wouldn't have had a problem.... except the way he kept insisting and pushing that he had to be naked and he wanted to see his butt. Very creepy.

So then we were discussing the pose he wanted for this picture. He tried to make it sound innocent, but everytime he talked about it, I was getting worse and worse feelings. And then he kept coming up with the poses I was not comfortable with and thought weren't appropriate. At one point I tried to draw one of the poses he tried to play off as innocent but no matter how I did it, it looked perverted or like it could be taken wrongly. I started to freak out by this time because I was pretty sure that the whole thing was wrong and the guy was messed up, but I like to give people the benifit of the doubt. I talked to a friend of mine and when I told her, she got all serious and asked me for his names and stuff because some guy had asked her sister to do some nasty porno drawing of the same little Kid Goku and a freaking digimon character. It turns out, it was the same exact guy.

I have also seen that he has comissioned others to do naked Kid Goku... even though those were pretty innocent. I also wonder if I should report him... to somewhere. I was debating saying something to deviantArt because I don't want him getting involved with any other reputable artists. But... technically he isn't violating and dA policy... Has anyone else run into this person?

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