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Who: Roux/Tomhoshino
Where: AOL Instant Messenger/Furaffinity
What: Conbadge Trade
When: 2007
Proof: Screenshots will be Provided below, but the original AIM conversation has been lost over the years
Details: I asked Roux for a trade while chatting with her on AIM. She agreed to a badge trade and I asked her to draw my character Sysko (previously known as Rensis). I was really excited, so I did my half and posted it right away (seen here with timestamp). She said she liked it and then I began the wait. I sent a quick email in 2008 (seen here) and in 2009 (seen here). Neither were answered. Recently I saw she was on FA and taking commissions so I asked her if she could do my badge in between the sketches. She responded as if she had never agreed to the trade (seen here). Unfortunately I don't have the aim conversations anymore as they happened over 5 years ago, so all I have is the screencaps and my word.
I didn't think there was anywhere else to go with this but here, since it looks like a lost cause. :/

Update 02/07/13
After making this post, Roux responded to my comment linking her half (here). This would have resolved the whole thing, if not for this description (here), which a day or two later became this description (here). The entire rant is misguided, reading more like her playing the victim than it does justice to her aim of being diplomatic. She never expressed these feelings to me, she just stopped talking to me altogether. I feel like she had plenty o opportunity o work this out with me, instead of ignoring my attempts at contact. I am a lot of things, but unsympathetic is not one of them. If she had maturely explained the way she felt in private, I would have certainl apologized ecause I never meant to make her feel that way Despite the rant, I wanted to leave a 'thank you' but I found I was blocked (here).
I'm disappointed that instead of emailing me her half and explaining how she felt, the ordeal ended like this.
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