PePechu Puppy (pepechupuppy) wrote in artists_beware,
PePechu Puppy

Artist Beware: StrawberryPawz

WHO: StrawberryPawz, Chronic Vil Megedagik, Corgifox

WHERE: He asked  a friend on the skype if he could draw a commission him.

WHAT: Ink Bedtime Bear holding Tails plush toy. 20$.

WHEN:  On September 8th 2012. Paid on September 8th 2012.

PROOF: Copy of Paypal receipt to This e-mail was on his webpage in the past. Current list of Artist commissions, my friend's commision is on the list like paid for 4 months. Part of the IM log where was spoken about price and payments method. Part of the IM log where StrawberryPawz said that commision has been canceled.

EXPLAIN: A friend who doesn't know English well ordered commission from StrawberryPawz and paid it more than 4 months ago. StrawberryPawz offered him this comission on skype. StrawberryPawz had always excuses about health issues or hacked accounts in last months when he was asked about commission. Friend asked about his commssion last on January 14th 2013 but he received this reply: "it was canceled because you keep pestering me i told you my health comes first don't even try getting a refund, I closed my paypal long ago". I don't believe that he has ever drawn something.

Pay attention to this "artist" and don't order any commission from him.
Tags: artist-strawberrypawz/shadowconner/draco, beware

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