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Shiuk- 9 month wait for commission (Resolved)

WHO: Shiuk, ShiukSalamander

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shiuk & http://shiuk.furrynet.com/

WHAT: $100 digital NSFW art of my character with shading+background, requested on the 10th of May of 2012, paid the next day. Regretfully, due to the long wait, the emails were automatically deleted from my inbox, which is my fault, however, I did save the paypal transaction confirmation email, linked below.


WHEN: Initial conversation happened over email on the 10th of May of 2012, first email requesting a status update on October 20th, no response, follow up note sent on the 26th of November, replied to the same day with a promise of showing progress the next day, no response afterwards, two notes sent on December 13th and January 1st respectively, requesting a refund, no response since.

Paypal confirmation of payment: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/23308137/proof.png

Email requesting progress: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/23308137/proof2.png

Reply to my note on November, promising to show progress by the next day: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/23308137/proof1.png

Two last notes requesting refund:


EXPLAIN: I asked for this picture on the 10th of May 2012, I was hopeful since at the time Shiuk seemed to be uploading mostly commissions and doing so at a pretty fast rate for the quality of the pieces, so I wanted in, seeing as he was open. The initial response was very swift, and payment was done the next day after going over some details, months passed and the promised updates and progress never came, I didn't mind at the time, I had waited long for commissions before and kept reminding myself that he was a popular artist, who likely had a very long queue, and decided to be patient, but by October, having no word of him, I decided to send the first email, to which I obtained no response, so I sent a follow up note on November, to which he replied he didn't receive the email or must have missed it and promised to show me progress on my picture the very next day, nothing came, finally, by December, I was both tired of this and in need of some money for a trip in January, so I asked for either a partial or full refund, no response, I forwarded the note again upon seeing him being active on FA on the 1st of January, no response, despite being active in FA further. Despite him being friendly through this, 100 dollars is no small amount of money, and it's been more than 9 months without seeing any indication that he has even STARTED, and I, quite frankle feel rather insulted at his negligence, since this is after all, a transaction. At this point, I don't want the picture anymore since I have seen how seriously he takes his commissions, I'm done being friendly, and wish my refund so I can get this over with.

I have managed to get in contact with him on Skype, he's promised to refund me as soon as possible, aka, as soon as some payments to him come in, so far he's been reasonably helpful, but considering his track record for promising things, I'd rather not get my hopes up until the money is in my account.

He has now refunded my money in full, I would like this matter to be considered resolved please.
Proof: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23308137/paymentproof.png
Tags: artist-shiuk, beware, resolved

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