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Galagya -- 5 year wait for commission

WHO: Galagya/Siedend(I don't know if she still uses this second one)


WHAT: A $30 traditional commission, that was then changed into a $30 digital commission.

WHEN: This has been going on for almost 5 years.

PROOF: My original payment back in '08;
A note from about 7 months ago reminding her about my commission for the thousandth time(you can clearly see the date);

EXPLAIN: This has been going on for almost half a decade, so forgive me for the lack of screenshots, I was unaware of A_B until probably last year.
Back in '08, she posted a thread on the Wolfhome forums offering a traditional full-colored commission. She either deleted the thread since or posted it under a different name, because I can't seem to find it now. It's been a long time, so I have no specifics, but ever since she either forgets about my commission, or has some reason why she can't complete it. While taking on a never-ending amount of new commissions(here: and basically every other journal she has up, offering free art as well! There are literally too many to link) or makes a new premade set. Along with taking on new commissions despite mine being almost 5 years overdue, she has a long, unprofessional journal basically freaking out and lashing out at the community for not giving her money because of her situation here:

She frequently has "issues" that cause her to disappear, not have internet access, her computer breaks, or she has no money to refund anybody, so I had given up for the longest time about getting anything from her. I have given her my commission information over and over, and have bugged her several different times but I have had no success in even getting a sketch at this point, despite being listed as my commission being "35% done" on her journal tag, before she apparently had her computer stolen(as I stated before, FREQUENT issues) and therefore had no one's art. At this point, I have heard nothing from her for 7 months(since that last note linked up there ^) and instead of noting me(or any other commissioners, I'm assuming) directly, she posts a journal asking commissioners to send her commission info.

Galagya has been pleasant in any contact I've had with her, but this runaround and the wait has been beyond infuriating. I would just like a refund at this point, but I don't expect to get either the art or the refund at this point.

Sorry if there are any mistakes, I'll fix them asap if there are!
Tags: artist-galagya/siedend, beware, lost contact
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