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another no communication artist

Who: pranktail

kinda NSFW --

What: $120 one char fullbody fully shaded pic

When: May 11 2012 - present

1) contacted pranktail about a commission and was accepted

2) payment sent     NOTE: names and transaction id erased

3) back and forth emails for awhile and 3 sketch versions

4) last email and i approved sketch ver # 3 on AUG 17 2012

5) no communication since despite numerous emails and notes

What i want:
i would like my commission finished or a refund

UPDATE ( jan 17 2013 ):
found pranktails alternative DA account and messaged her

Hello Griffon,

sorry for the non-communication.

been an awful drag for the past half year or so, and I was this close to
getting evicted from my flat, quit my job because my boss was a
manipulative bitch and unable to work under.
I was generally under a
lot of stress to the point where I couldn't properly draw for weeks,
and I'm still facing some hardships, but generally am on the best way to
recover (especially mentally).
I got a new job and I'm finally
working as game artist. It's still only an internship so I'm not really
getting paid that much, it's barely enough to survive, but once this
internship's over, I will get paid a lot more, life should take a turn
and start to finally become awesome again, as it's meant to be.
I'm just telling you all of this because I feel like it's fair to give you at least a reason for my absence.

know this is no reason for not communicating properly, especially with
my commissioners who I owe, and I'm terribly sorry to have left you (and
others) comepletely in the dark as to where I went and if I ever was
going to comeplete the commissions (and to clear this right away: yes, I
plan to make a full comeback and finish up everything which is left on
my plate, so I can also give my guilt a rest)

I'm also sorry to inform you that [i]right now[/i], I can't do anything though.
picked up working on commissions again and planed to push everything to
the next milestone, plus a free extra to make up at least a little
before getting back on all commissioners, but a week ago my tablet
decided that after 5 years of being a succesful partner in crime, it was
time to finally rest in peace.

The good news is that *Novere
is the sweetest friend ever, she's sending me her Intuos 3 as a
replacement, which is the same model I've been using for years. So at
least there won't be any drop in quality in work due to bad tools or

I will finish your commission (and add a free extra),
if that still is what you desire. If you would rather like to have a
full refund, I can do that. It'll just take approx 3-5 workdays before
the money arrives on my paypal.
I would just really love to finish
your commission instead and make up for staying silent for so long (also
because I'm tight on money, but if you want me to refund you, I will)

you may have noticed, I haven't been on FA for months. I've been around
here because this is generally the place where I hang out the most and
where most of my friends are.
I'm not exactly sure how you found me,
but if you could keep this to you, I would be grateful. I have my
reasons why I don't blend my FA and my DA gallery.

Also I was looking on artists_beware but I couldn't really find anything about me, unless I completely missed it?

If there is anything else you need, please let me know!


asked for the refund, was informed that i will be refunded on/around jan 25 2013

UPDATE ( jan 29 2013 )

as of yet no refund or responses to my notes

UPDATE ( jan 30 2013 )

response to my notes indicating that paypal is being slow or she might have made a mistake
with the transfer as the money has not arrived in her paypal yet

UPDATE ( Feb 4 2013 )
as of yet no refund

UPDATE ( Feb 5 2013 )
pranktail has now refunded me in full, the dispute is resolved
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