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In September of last year, the artist kanawinkie promised that she would send me art, albeit *free art that was done of one of my characters for an art exchange. She said that she'll mail the art out for me, that money was not needed, and it's not here. I gave her my home address. I re-sent her my home address in case she might have lost the first Email of my address. I offered money twice to her in Emails in case she really might need money to ship it, even though she refused the original offer of money and would send me the art.

I have sent her Emails after this, after she said she would send the art, these have been spaced out inquiries (once a month) and these have gone ignored, not one peep out of her, no information on the status, no information to even say she is not going to mail the art out, like maybe she lost it, no - just dead silence on her end. That is not nice, free art or not. When you say you're going to do something, you do it. I dunno, will this be how she treats paying customers if she ever gets them? It is now February and still not a single word, and no sign of anything in the mail. I think she is deliberately ignoring me; I know my Emails are not getting bounced; she is simply refusing to tell me anything.

*I probably have no right to complain but... as some one who was an artist, well, as a human being, it hurts to be told I'd be getting art from another fellow artist and not see anything and be completely and utterly ignored. :{

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