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Artist Beware - Hinauchi

First of all, I must say that I do not have a lot of pictures to prove our conversations, Due to Hinauchi deleting me from her skype, making me unable to get the conversations back.

First proof. Here is the WORK IN PROGRESS she has posted on furaffinity of my fursuit. Do note it was posted (as of this time) A year ago. (September 5th, 2011) About 5 months after I had purchased my suit.

Proof link of A recent message we had on facebook as of November 24, 2012 1. 2. and 3.

The proof that she no longer is on my skype contacts

Recent proof she is now raising a ton money to see her "bby" for her leisure

++ My comment that got marked as spam, ( It was me informing to the public that she is raising money for yet another thing, even though she still has not shipped what i ordered)

Then, her proceeding to tell someone that "I should have noted her" Even though she never contacts me


I made my fursuit purchase from Hinauchi In early April 2011. I did not order the fursuit to be here on a specific date, although i had figured it wouldn't take too long, considering i've seen her make fursuits often, she even set up a fusuit website of her own here so I assumed she was somewhat proffessional about it. I payed around $445 for a fursuit head, tail, and paws of my old character Rayne via paypal.

Basically, I have asked her about how she was doing on it since the purchase via skype, but i no longer can reach the conversations due to her unadding me. I do remember her taking forever to even show me pictures of my commission, giving me dates on when the fursuit should ship to me, and then my fursuit of course never getting to me. Apparently, as she has told me, her mother stole my shipping money. Which is of course theft, and is illegal. I asked for her mothers number, and she refused to give it to me.

She has made countless excuses since 2011 such as;
Her mother wont take her to the store for supplies
Her mother stole the money
Her camera was broken
She was busy
She was going through a hard time
She was at her dads
She was moving

It has been almost 2 years now since i have purchased it, and all she does is give me excuses and sad stories and explanations on why she couldn't ship it to me. Then informing me that it should get to me soon, when it never does.

I don't understand why she can finish other people's commissions, such as drawings, and never have any time to go to a post office to ship a package. She claims that it is "buried under a mountain of shit in her closet" and she plans to "dig it out and get it shipped" Which she has been saying for months of course.

I posted a comment on the journal talking about raising money to see her lover to inform people that she isn't responsible enough to get purchases to people.

She is lazy, irresponsible, and immature.
I did not wish to post something like this, although it has bothered me for far too long and people should have a right to know, considering she opens auctions, commissions, and other things where she must send commissions out.

It's a very confusing position to be in.
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