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Artist Beware: Dreamsandnightmares (fa)

WHO: dreamsandnightmares Dreamsandnightmares (FA).


WHAT: Rave Fluffles (Feetpaws with leg warmers, giving the illusion of digigrade legs) First contact

WHEN: Around beginning of july. As seen above.
List of emails sent:

PROOF: Payments and partial refund (Before the product arrived in it's horrid state)

EXPLAIN: I just received my rave fluffies from dreamsandnightmares which should look like this : but pure black and with paws. I mean they kinda look like that, but looks like they were just thrown together This is the image they sent me  In this picture they do not look too bad, so I thought they were alright, so I agreed to finally have them shipped to me. Upon getting them I noticed the following: The soles of the shoes are already falling apart, so is the foam inside of the arch. They are extremely itchy due to all of the lose fur that is collected on them (which I understand happens, but minor clean up could of solved this.) Glue is very visible on them, as well is a gap where the fur wasn't glued to the shoe. I was very excited to receive them after 5 months, but am very displeased with the condition they are in for how long they have had them (more than double the time given to me). They look as if they were just carelessly put together. They did give me a pair of foam with fur on them (ears) and a pewter wolf necklace along with a partial refund before shipment due to how long it took to have them and the continuous missed deadlines. I Sent them an email explaining my displeasment about the said items and what I have found wrong so far. I have only gotten this morning (20 mins ago, as of Jan 4th) and I am already in tears, and not good ones. :((  <--- Images of said product

These are the sheet shots of some of the most important converstations, if you need more just ask.

Agreement to buy:
Time line of when they'd be done:
Terms of how I wanted them to look :
Missed Deadline:
Bad communication and missed deadline2:
Issues I found with the items:
Excuses 2 and bad treatment:
Back peddling and not sure what to do:
Proof of payment: and
Tags: artist-dreamsandnightmares, beware, fursuit

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