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Artist Beware: Mutant-Serpentina/Arody

WHO: Mutant-serpentina/Arody (On FA)

This Happened exclusively on FA except for one (unanswered) email I sent to her.

Digital color piece. 20$.
screen shot of original conversation. Confusing to eye but otherwise all present. http://oi46.tinypic.com/25slt1j.jpg

WHEN: Original transaction occurred on August 19th. Paid in full.

Copy of Paypal receipt to Serpentina-folf@hotmail.com. This email is listed publicly on her page. I also tried to contact her through this email.

The commission started out great. She posted a journal that she was in need of some funds. So I responded telling her I could help her out. I ordered a flat color piece for 20$, The link is in the "WHAT" category of this submission. She was very responsive that day and the WIP was actually received the day of purchase (August 19th) Unfortunately, she didn't quite capture what I had in mind, and I offered to repay her for the new sketch and continue, but she was very professional and quickly drew me up a new one. (http://oi46.tinypic.com/1zxs57q.jpg That conversation is here) The New sketch. (HERE ***NSFW** http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee90/krimzon_wolf/macropaws.jpg) was more or less what I was looking for, On August 20th she told me she would fix one tiny thing I wanted altered and then "finish it off" that's the last time she responded to me on the account "Mutant-Serpentina" I noted her About a month later for some updates. Unanswered (the next part of documented unanswered notes here http://oi48.tinypic.com/aw9l0.jpg) Over a month after that. No Answer. At this point I was ready to put it off as a loss. I also tried emailing her and responding to her tumblr. Both Went unanswered. I really don't understand tumblr so I might have done it wrong? Around the end of November I noticed a piece of art on the homepage, the account name "Arody" which is the same as her first name on Paypal. Her Hotmail for commissions is also located on this page. I noted her with the question "did you move accounts" she responded with (http://oi45.tinypic.com/2quu6gx.jpg) In Which I responded with a firm note explaining how unfair to her commissioners it is that she switch accounts without informing any of them. which went unread. I find this in EXTREMELY bad taste and a pure lack of any responsibility on her behalf, continuing to post personal images without responding to anything on her main account. I have not heard back from her since November 30th and have noted her 3 times since then, All of which unanswered. Also upon examining her page. I noticed others have been posting on her wall asking about the status of their orders. Recently every note on her page has been sponged, including all the notes exclaiming her "absence" one in particular by what I assume to be a friend of hers said something along the lines of "Some people just don't understand that you don't have access to internet serp" In which was BEFORE she had continued to post on another account. In Reply to such, even IF she didn't have access to internet. I'm paying her for a service, there are many free ways to access the internet to reply with a note exclaiming her lack of such.. She also doesn't need internet to finish a piece of artwork. Also as a side note on on this journal, someone has asked for a paypal refund and has to this day gone unchecked http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3694248/. As of this moment I have NOT asked for a refund. Because I would still like the artwork finished.

I find Mutant-serpentina/Arody's actions to be completely inexcusable and completely irresponsible  for an artist. There's no excuse for not reading or answering notes and not replying to emails from a paid commissioner.

Note to Artist:  I would prefer to have the commission completed as to the fact I much enjoyed the sketch, but a complete refund will suffice. Feel free to note me on my FA account "Jhusky" or email me at Jhusky267@gmail.com. I expect to hear from you VERY soon.


Tags: artist-arody/mutant-serpentina/mutantser, beware

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