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saphiros/ twentypercentcooler commission bungle

  EDIT: The payment as of so far has not been revoked, however, the user in question has never explained himself why he yanked my funds, or even considered the fact that he was in the wrong. However, I'm rather disgusted right at this moment with Artist's beware, whom seemed to have focused on attacking me rather than answering my question.
1. Guys, paypal wasn't my issue. I got a guyfriend to call in and it was all good.
2. My legitimate question was whether or not I should expect him to make up for this mess.
3. Should I even touch the money he tries to send?

WHO: Saphiros off of furaffinity-

from his pony account


WHAT: Digital art of a fat twilight sparkle-

WHEN: November 6th during an art show, this was commissioned.
Shortly after, I noticed the payment was not in my paypal. I stuck an
UNPAID squiggle over the image and notified the user via shout that the
payment didn't go through. On the 7th of november he responded with an
apology and assured me he resent the money. On the 22nd of december I
received a note with an apology and another payment for the payment he
never sent. This time instead of ten, he sent twenty, which I didn't
touch because I was wary of the reversed payments. Shortly after
christmas I transferred the money to my bank account, at which point he
reversed payment. The money was drawn from my bank account, since the
money was in transit, and overdrafted me,

PROOF: my shout the art his reply reversed payment details the note saying he sent the twenty for my trouble

EXPLAIN:On November 6th I did a stream for 10$ full colors. This
individual twentypercentcooler asked for a fat pony for his account,
main account saphiros. The user's payment, supposedly, was sent to the
wrong paypal, and I just marked the submission as being unpaid and was
going to let it go, since there are a LOT of scammers nowadays. He
messaged me in response to my comment that the payment was wrong, and
apologized and sent me twenty to unmark the payment as unpaid for. He
seemed embarrassed. On the 22nd of December I unmarked the image, and on
the 26th I transferred the money to my bank, at which point he issued a
with paypal. The money to refund was withdrawn from my bank account
with a $18.22 balance, and left me a 35$ overdraft fee for the 1.78 I
didn't have. The money, as of 12/28, after another user prodded him, was
resent once again and as of yet has not been revoked. Paypal will not
accept a phone call from me, the owner of the account, due to the fact
that I have a man's name and am vocally quite obviously not a male.
Their phone center is based in India or somewhere, I believe and the two
people I've talked to insisted on speaking with a man. However, the
reason for the contest was simply put that the user did not receive said
'physical goods' and I'm not covered for intangible goods. Sad day,
indeed. When I originally tried to post the ad, the user had not
responded. A response has been made, as well as payment, but I am afraid
to touch the money, since he has revoked it twice already. Even still
if I do get to keep the money, my bank account is in the red, and the
user has not been truthful or forthcoming with information. I feel as if
he's only made this latest payment to cover his own tail in the face of
embarrassment. I believe he has done this to people before, as there
are several cached hidden comments on DA of people commenting on his art
info about being a scammer.
What should I do? Should I expect him to compensate me for my loss? In
addition, should I expect a full explanation as to why he contested my
service? He blemished my record at my paypal and my bank.
Tags: beware, comm-saphiros/twentypercentcooler

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