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Hi everyone. I wasn't really looking forward to having to do this, but I got tired of waiting for something that should have been so simple to be done in the first place.

Last June I asked for, and paid for (via money order, which I have proof here at home that I mailed) 2 100x100 journal icons of Shin, by the artist Jax the Bat. I was a big fan, so when I saw him offer to do icons for a good deal, I contacted him, and so forth.

Now. I checked the list he made not long after his mentioning he was doing the icons, and didn't see my name like I thought I would. about 3 months later, I e-mailed AGAIN, and came to find out I hadn't been remembered, because I paid by snail-mail and not PayPal (I don't like hearing that). So I told him who I wanted, saying I wanted MY Eastern Dragon guy Wish instead, in angry and sad moods. That was done before my birthday last year, mid-october or so.

I thought "Ok..maybe this time I'll see my name on the list". So I checked again. Nothing. It's now January of the next year (I paid in early 2005 as stated) and my name STILL isn't on the list in his journal. I paid 17$ for two icons I should have gotten last year. I know this guy is big on and super busy with fursuits, but come on...icons aren't difficult to do, not for a paying customer.

I even bring a little something I've copy-pasted from his journal having to do with snail-mail payments. That goes as follows:

"If I forgot to put you on that list, email me at JaxthebatATgmailDOTcom! I know some of you sent snailmail payment, and it's harder for me to keep track that way. :)". I did so. Name still isn't on the list (I paid as Shin/Rachel). That list can be seen here: http://chapeljax.livejournal.com/75472.html. I kinda see that statement as snail-mail buyers pretty much being forgotten...

This list hasn't changed in months that I can tell. I've been checking every so often. I know 17$ (which was what I paid for 2 icons) doesn't seem worth getting upset over, but I can't get money so easily, and when I commission someone, I would think I'd have seen something by now, even if it was sketch work or something!

My next course of action will be to e-mail and ask for my money back (which I'm not expecting to work out...). I'm going to ask you this....what do you think I should do next? Should I ask for my money back? I'm really not holding out for getting the icons I wanted now...I've pretty much given up on them ;_:

Thanks for your time/advice!

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