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Commissioner Beware: FurtheReanimator

WHO: Derpychuian on FA, Fur-the-reanimator on Sofurry, Nikitak_Thief on Steam, Derpychu on tumblr. (I SUSPECT he went by other aliases before now, but I don't know what they are. He has now moved on to the brony community as well, so be aware.)
WHERE: Does business through Sofurry or e-mail. Changes his email frequently. Now in the brony fandom?
WHAT: stalking, fake suicide attempts, commissioning grudge artwork
WHEN: From winter 2011 to now
PROOF: Journal post from his first fake suicide, grudge artwork commissioned, (WARNING: rape/choking trigger, VERY NSFW), first paypal where he attempted to bribe me to speak to him, second paypal where he attempted to bribe me to speak to him, suicide threats sent to a third party, guilting a third party about how poor he is while simoltaniously spending 40$ on commissions.

EXPLAIN: tl;dr This person joined the MU* I moderate, and commissioned me for a few images. He began stalking me and made suicide threats as a means of "testing" my supposed friendship with him. After I cut off contact he escalated it to commissioning unsuspecting artists to draw rape pictures of my characters. I'm just asking folks not to take those commissions.

Around early 2011 this guy joined my MU*. A bunch of people were joining at the time, and I was the only active mod. This guy seemed rather clingy and depressed, but it's the internet and those sorts just happen. Nobody thought much of it for a while.

After a few months he started talking about how he had been 'unfairly' committed for suicide attempts in the past. He claimed that a neighbor looked in his window and saw him 'cleaning his teeth with a knife' and called the police. At this point I was getting a bit concerned about his behavior, but he hadn't broken any rules, so I didn't ban him.

He commissioned me a few times at this point, usually for pretty mild character art of his chuian (mouse alien) avatars. He paid via snail mail the first time, and Paypal the rest. I didn't save his snail mail address because I didn't think I'd need it. He always paid on time. His Paypal was derpy.chuian@gmail.com at one time, but deepy.chuian@gmail another. He may have changed his paypal account since then.

On Dec. 27th 2011 I logged in the MU* and found a cryptic note posted from him on one of the town boards. It was pretty clearly either a 'quitting forever' announcement or a suicide announcement. Since neither of those are things that contribute to a community, I took it down and junked it. I also didn't do much about it due to the vague nature at the time.

A few hours later, after I posted I was having a holiday l4d game with friends, he e-mailed me. This time it was an explicit suicide threat. I hurried to gather as much information as I could (his IP, the town he lived in) but since I didn't know him well and his paypal account was listed under "Derpy Chu", I did not have his real name. I tried to talk him down or at least keep him at the computer while contacting the local police department and getting them on the case. Obviously the l4d game got cancelled as I stayed on the phone with law enforcement for most of the night.

The next day he acted like nothing happened, and logged in like normal. Either the police had not come to his house or when they had, he hadn't been doing anything worthy of their attention. I am fairly sure that if you actually are threatening suicide, the police take you to the hospital. I can only guess that he answered the door calmly and seemed unbothered when they arrived. It became extremely clear from his followup behavior on the MU* that his real intention from the suicide scare was to "test" the "friendship" he perceived as having with me.

Keep in mind, I still don't know this guy well enough to know his REAL NAME.

When I realized that was what it was all about, I banned him from the MU* because I could see him beginning the same cycle with other players. I cautioned other players not to talk to him. I didn't go into details about why because I didn't want to stir drama. Most listened.

Derpy didn't seem to take a hint from the ban (I dunno now why I expected he would/could) and began to send me notes/comments on Furaffinity. I finally blocked him there, after responding to one with a pretty simple "do not contact me anymore."

I also blocked him via e-mail and Steam. After this, he sent me a donation via my webcomic tip jar with the note 'please talk to me :(' which I refunded and did not reply to. This account of his was under what may have been his real name but has been censored in the screencap at the request of the mods. (Screenshot)

A few months later, one of the MU* players who had continued to have contact with him outside the MU* messaged me on Steam. He was going through the fake suicide friendship test song and dance again, and they needed all of his personal information to contact the local police. I gave them what I had and cautioned them once again to stop talking to him. Once they called the police and he (again) seemed unbothered the day after, they cut ties with him as well. (screenshots one, two and three)

I got another tip jar donation some months later, from a different account of his, and a note that had some sort of passive aggressive tone like 'you may not deserve it, but i will always respect you, even if you hate me.' Again, I am a *MOD* on the MU* and an artist he commissioned. That is the extent of my relationship to this guy. Anyway, I refunded that payment as well. Since this was the second time he attempted to pay me to talk to him, I let him know bribery was not cool as well as informing him he was boardering on stalking. (screenshots one and two)

It was quiet for the last few months, and I assumed he'd finally got over it and gone his own way. He continued to use my aliens as his avatar character, which is also fine, and got some pretty g-rated commissions of them in the interim. Again, no problem with this on my end. He "quit the internet" two months ago, but based on what follows I've got to conclude he did not stay offline long.

Earlier this month I discovered his latest antics. He's commissioned actual rape art of characters that are mine. They're not just my aliens made into his OC, they're straight up my characters. (warning, VERY NSFW art under this link)

The artist who drew it removed any tags or links to my work at my request (proof), but these are the characters depicted in the NSFW art above. The male from this info page, the female is bottom row, center panel, left corner here.

In addition to the characters and person who commissioned it making this seem like a grudge piece, it's also a very well known fact on the MU* that I do not think rape is funny/okay in any capacity. This is something he would have known about me just from seeing me around and reading my journals. So the subject matter itself seems like a grudge-influenced choice. As I said before, he's commissioned other artwork in the past and it's always been very G-rated. This is kind of a huge leap in content.

Additionally, the artist he commissioned lists her prices for erotic work starting at 40$. At this same time, Derpy was telling people he could not afford to feed himself. (proof) Since the artist was obviously paid for her work, it is clear he was lying about his finances to "test" friendships again.

I have no problems with the artist who took the commission, it is 100% clear to me that she did not know it was a grudge piece or that the characters were being used without permission. This Beware is strictly about the commissioner, Derpy.

Anyway yeah, there's my story. Please be aware that if someone links you to references from either inhuman-comic.com or hekshano.com and is asking for violent sexual commissions, just...check with me first? I just want to make sure it's not him.
Tags: beware, comm-derpychuian/furthereanimator/nikita
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