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Artist Beware - HinaUchi -Resolved!

WHO: HinaUchi - FA
WHAT: An Auction; Adult/or clean preposed commission.
WHEN: June 17th, 2012 - Precent.

PROOF - Proof of winning Auction. - Note about paying and asking what I wanted. - Proof of paying. - Got some giftart from her for the tip. - Asking for a WIP. - Got the WIP, said the okay to go further. - Her tablet broke so I gave her some time to get a new one. - Waited till I got a bit concerned I was being ignored. Sent a note. - Sent note after she posted a journal, asking who she owed art to. - Last reply I got from her. - NSFW. Her Porn tumblr.

EXPLAIN: I won an auction piece from HinaUchi, thrilled about it. I sent the money and everything, I am a patient person. I took a bit to send the money, so I put an extra ten in cause I felt bad for taking so long. I got a lovely gift art from her for it. I felt confident my commission would be done just as quick.

So I waited. Around July, I asked for a WIP. I got it and sent the okay, again I waited for her reply. I will take blame for this part, apparently it didn't go through or something so my bad.I sent another note asking why she haven't sent anything and later I got it and we were both clear on continuing. I again, waited. Her tablet broke, so I took into consideration to wait before asking for more progress on my commission. But during all this, she has been posting adoptable things left and right, even did a commission for one of those adoptables. I dunno if she has done these before the tablet broke, she doesn't communicate.

She has no Commission Que anywhere and her ToS is not detailed. She never updated if she got a new tablet. I've had ZEEERO communication from her. None. I've been the one to be sending the notes during all this. Even her dA had updated adoptables and art of her and of her partner, I don't like snooping through her dA and youtube, I don't think its fair for me to be but its resulted to this since she gave no effort to contact me. She made a tumblr, it has adult art. Dates show she's been doing the random art even when I asked for my WIPs. But I put it aside and waited. I made the mistake not to confront her.

Fast forwarding around November, FA seem to have had a Note malfunction. During that I sent her another note( )stating that I've been beyond very patient for my commission. Asking for a refund, it got lost during the update it seems. She made a journal asking for who she owed art to, so I sent another. She got it and have been waiting since for the new WIP.

Still waiting, this will be 6 months. And she has the nerve to make MORE auctions even though she hasn't even finished mine! Honestly I am fed up. I have given her chances to finish my commission, held back on posting a report on here. I feel bad for posting, I shouldn't but I do.

ADVICE: Should I warn the others that have bought the resent auctions? Should I call Paypal for the refund? I dunno what to do now at the point. I never been in a position like this. Please help.
EDIT I have received the artwork. Everything is fine. I appreciate she finished it.
Tags: artist-hinauchi/digitt, beware, resolved

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