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Advice Post Repost: jalmu

While we do not usually repost for advice posts, the content of this particular post was actually of value, since what is and/or is not okay in a ToS is often a big question in artists_beware. Therefore, the locked down post by jalmu is being reposted in full, with screencaps of the comments as well.

For disrespecting the rules and community as a whole, jalmu has been permabanned.

Update 12/24/12: We are aware that jalmu has deleted the post. Nothing changes. This repost remains, a defaced copy of the post remains on DreamWidth, and we have a screencap of the post forthcoming.

Second client this year that I have had harass me for money back and I feel I should ask for some advice from you guys before getting law enforcement involved as this is a local issue that has been doing on for months now.
This guy I feel posed to be a friend after receiving his first piece of art from me. After that he bought a badge then I traded him a reference sheet for a ride to a local convention...
After the con things where fine until July rolled around after his relationship was already going on for a month he wanted something for his mate's birthday and his mate also wanted one from me as well.
This one harassed me to finish the art he ordered back on July 1st a week later I was rushed to the E.R.
I was sick for 2 weeks , 1 week of rushing to the hospital and the next week I was sent to my mothers to get rest and recover. With out my art supply's I wasn't able to do any commissions.
When I got back I was working on some Pay-What-You-Want commissions to get money for a few refunds that where requested and breaking doctors orders.
Not long afterwards I was asked for some work in progress sketches or further in the process from him and his girlfriend. I got onto it as soon as could, still feeling sick I did my best to keep up with everyone's demands along with trying to make some income and keep up with everything.
After sending a sketch to each of them I was asked for a refund from both equaling 150.00.
His girlfriend was quiet and it was a smooth refund, barely had contact after that but her boyfriend changes his mind and wants the art, then changes his mind again and wants the refund. From that point on he keeps going back and forth with nasty and rude remarks until September with a final message stating can I have my money by so and so date. Being more angry I blocked him.

Then he also went and started attacking someone I been trying to teach business and art techniques With old drama that her and I had at a convention simple mix up that he brought back up along with saying her boy friend was drinking everyone's booze at the con meanwhile it was my mates booze he asked first so he had no rights to bring up something like this and also mentioned her age told her not to act older then what she actually is. This attack I feel was supposed to set off some sort of time bomb between the two of us but it hasn't as she bought it up to me and we already had that issue resolved between each other.
My Terms of Service state I will not accept any form of harassment which cancels out any chances of refunding to keep people like this away but I don't know if this is frowned upon or not. It obviously didn't work for this guy, then again I do not believe he read my T.O.S..
He has already gotten a good 100% of the art he asked for except one piece which he canceled to get a refund. I was sick and I have a valid reason why it wasn't done on time. As I am a nice artist I do try my best to do the project even if I'm running late, I will make up for it in some way, shape or form.

Also he sent a text message to my mate with a threat towards me saying that if I do not pay him the 100.00 "refund" he will continue to slander my name in the local area.
From all the math I have done this past week with several friends and family involved I technically do not owe him any thing for the items he has gotten and have not been paid for.
Most I can give back is 50 bucks but that's if I keep all discounts and gift art off the total with out all the discounts and such he would owe me $260.00 with out me giving him a cent back if I did follow through with the $100 refund he would owe me $360.00.
This is starting to become a large issue but I have been trying my best to keep my cool about it all and trying to stay with in all legal rights.
In the end of all this my question is should I 'Buyer Beware' him for the future would personally rather not have anyone have to deal with any of this like I have been.
Slandering, black mailing and trying to get "All the things" isnt how things work in the real world and for his age he should know better.

Screencaps of the comments
(they are not in order and comment chains are broken up. I'm sorry but its just how LJ/gmail messes things up.)
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