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Advice Post


WHERE: In notes

WHAT: Digital Reference Commission

WHEN: 4months ago the Commission was accepted, issues only started to appear near the end. Commission has been restarted and is ongoing currently.

PROOF:  Screenshots of all of the progress shots in order from first to latest (The reference complete) (Beginning of the restart) (Quotes from myself and the commissioner)

EXPLAIN: This person has been a return-customer and has always been great to work with. Since I had great experiences with them, I decided to give them a discount to let them know I appreciate doing business with them. Because of  having such good experiences, the rude comments came as a huge shock to me.
For the reference that was completed there were not any issues near the beginning. Everything was accepted and and things seemed to go smoothly, it was only until the end that the main problem started happening. Once the reference was complete, I get a note that they are not happy with it. This is how the conversation goes . Thing is, I loved how that reference turned out, so it really disappointed and hurt when they were not happy. I offer to keep working on it so they will be satisfied, in the end we agreed that I will be re-drawing it completely(This has not yet been paid for).
I think they are asking for too much now, as they liked and accepted the first sketch, then asked for me to make a completely new one again so that they could compare it and choose which of the two they liked more.
What should I do? Continue on with this then never accept another commission from this person again, or is there a way I can continue on with this more calmly?
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