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Artist Beware - Dexter Young (Furry Porn Fursuits)

FA page address :
FA FursuitMakerReview: (F 3.4/10)
Concept Art of Character Stattik:
Actual furheads (both attempts):
Fursuit (full):
Concept Art of Character Blade:
Fursuit (partial):
Fursuit (full):
second attempt out of the box condition next to my new furhead by another builder:

At the start of all this, I was told that her quality was as good if not better than some of the big name fursuit makers out there.  I was new to the fandom as well as fursuitting so I didn't know what to expect.  I was expecting a really well made fursuit, but what I got was a shock to me as well as everyone I know. 

In the summer of 2010 I commissioned a partial of my fursona Blade from Dexter.  She does most of her business from her facebook page.  I came across her stuff and due to her affordable prices I decided to commission her.  It all started when I decided to make my own furhead, I won a raffle from her on facebook for a set of handpaws to which I commissioned matching feetpaws.  I added some legs as then when my own furhead project started to fall apart, I added the furhead to the order.  The entire thing cost me a total of 250-300$.  I recieved it a week before FurFright 2010 and attended the convention.  The moving jaw did not work at all, it was made from a large gauge wire (looked like a wire clothes hanger) and cardboard.  The eyes were made from plastic lenses from a pair of sunglasses.  There was no ventilation and it got hot in there fast and the eyes fogged up, I could not see at all.  I later learned after trying to add a couple of vents that there was a thick layer of duct tape between the foam and fur, which not only kept in the heat but also let off some strong fumes when it heated up.  At Anthrocon 2011 the bottom jaw fell almost 90% of the way, hanging by a peice of wire.  I had sent the head back after FurFright 2010 for repairs to the jaw to make it more moveable, and she glued in two elastic straps which did not help at all.  Saturday afternoon I went to take off the head and one side of the wire poked through the foam and sliced my cheek open about a 2 inch long cut.  The body that I had commissioned was too tight and I had a hard time walking around and saturday afternoon after the parade it ripped up the crotch from the front to the back.  After Anthrocon 2011 I sent everything back to her for repairs as well as commissioned and paid for a second body made different and kept the fur long.  I also won a raffle for a furhead, so I made a second fursona Stattik.  I had commissioned two plushies from her at some point, and there was no progress or anything on those so I used the money I piad for those and put it towards the body as well as traded a brand new Logittech webcam and a digital camera.  So everything was paid for, I owed nothing.  I received the first Stattik suit late, it arrived at my house the afternoon of the first day of Furfright.  Luckily I live close and was able to drive home and get it, I drove back and when I removed it from the box it was horrible.  The head had no foam in it, just fur sloppily handsewn together, the eyes were those rocks you buy at the pet store, felt was glued on poorly everywhere, and an excess of glue was used everywhere.  The body was too tight again, and also the arms and hands were sewn on backwards.  I could not wear it at all.  I sent it back to her and demanded it be fixed.  She took forever and had to overnight it to the Westin in Pittsburgh, when I got it I brought it up to my room and opened the box.  I knew by the body expanding out of the box it wasnt going to be pretty.  I pulled out the body and saw the head smashed underneath, smashed flat.  The led's were poorly glued in and there was a string of three unused led's hanging inside the head as well as a battery pack.  The feet were poorly done, but wearable.  Although the body did fit better, it reeked of a musty smell sort of like a basement smell mixed with body odor.  And since then that suit has been sitting in the box in my attic.  Also I have not gotten Blade back yet, it has been almost two years in June.  Supposedly she is rebuilding him to the best of her ability so nobody can say anything bad about it.  She has been promising me wip pictures but I have still not gotten one.  I do not expect to ever get that suit back, I don't know exactly why it is not being returned to me, but the builder is avoiding my messages and attempts to contact her.  In all everything I have commissioned from her totals about 800-900$.

When I got my new fursuit by another builder, she was mad at me for going behind her back and commissioning someone else, and told me that it wasn't nice of me to have her waste her time making a furhead for me when I wasn't even going to use it.  When I got th first fursuit at Furfright 2011, it was so bad it ruined my con.  I had registered as a fursuitter as could not fursuit, i was very depressed.  I commissioned that fursuit to help me get over what had happened, and I knew that it wasn't going to get any better.  So I went through with it and commisioned a fullsuit from another builder, someone that she doesn't like.  It wasn't to spite her, I liked her style and she was a friend of mine.  She thinks I did that to get even with her, to get back at her for what she did, which is not true at all.

Rundown of fursuit problems Blade:
eyes were plastic sunglass lenses
mowhawk kept fraying, was globbed with glue for AC11 and was blamed on me for packaging
duct tape layer under fur kept in heat and let off fumes
first body was too tight and ripped badly
jaw fell off of head at AC11
moving jaw attempted twice and failed
second body was never recieved
vision was poor due to eyes fogging up quickly

Rundown of fursuit problems Stattik first attempt:
head had no foam
all fur poorly handsewn together
eyes were crooked and eyesight out of tear ducts was crooked
eyes were made of pet store rocks
felt was glued on everywhere
hands and arms were sewn on backwards
fur on underside of arms was shaved really short, was told she ran out of long fur and to send it back after the con for repairs
lightning bolt on back was out of line and outline was thick at some points and thin at some points
the muzzle was very flat and blocky, had no shape to it at all
the teeth had fallen out of the head even before I took it out of the box

Rundown of fursuit problems second attempt:
head was made from minimal foam
head was crushed into box under body suit
ears were oddly shaped like giant pills
eyes were huge and looked weird
bottom jaw was not attached to furhead at all and just hung open
led's were sloppily glued in the upper jaw and eyes, inside of head there was a sting of unused led's as well as a bulky battery pack (2xAA)
lime green fur on head was different shade from fur used on body
handpaw finger undersides were shaved down flat and had felt pawpads sloppily glued on
fur smelled of a musty smell like a basement mixed with bad body odor
inside of head was lined with felt poorly glued on
the muzzle was very long and oddly shaped
tail is huge and really oddly shaped, very long and fat curl with little tip (the one on the right)

It was promised to me and she agreed to send me the head and first body as well as the material to make the second body because according to her I never paid her to make it, I only paid for materials.  I have never heard of that before lol.  All in all this was a very bad experience I have had with this builder. 

Also I would like to add the streams that she does topless while working on people's fursuits.  And one night in my email, I received an email from her, which I thought was wip pics of my fursuit, but what I got was nude pics of herself pleasuring herself.  I was not expecting that at all.  In my opinion that is not acceptable behavior of a fursuit maker to a customer. 

Blade has been a suit since October of 2010, and I have had him in my possession for maybe about 4 months out of those two years.  The rest of the time Blade has been with the builder getting repaired and rebuilt.  I've had to send him back after every time I wore him to a con or event due to something breaking or falling off.
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