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Looking for Advice! To sell rights or to license?


This is the first time I have posted here, so please excuse any mistakes I may make!

I have worked as a freelancer for some years now, with many recurring clients/commissioners. Besides my private furry commissions I have designed tattoos and drawn portraits, but have never really worked on a large, professional scale.

Today I was approached by the Australian company, TragicBeautiful, asking if I would consider selling the rights of one of my original pieces to be made into clothing and home-ware products.

I was obviously ecstatic, since the closest thing to this I've ever felt to this is being surprised by people messaging me to tell me they got my art tattooed on them.

I honestly know -nothing- about this. Or what I should do.
I have been researching licensing, but I don't know if that's a good idea, seeing that I am not very well known and the image in question does not seem to be easily mass marketable in my opinion.

But then again, I truly do not know what I am doing.

I come to you, asking what you would do in this situation and how I should go about this?

Will they supply a contract, and what kind of questions should I ask?
I am so shell shocked and I just don't want to make a mistake!

I would like my name and or website to be required on the sales page of the items with my designs. 

Any advice would mean EVERYTHING to me!
Thank you!
Tags: advice for artists, contracts

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