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List for Commisioners

Here is the list I have come up with so far for commisioners:

1. Make sure the artist you are commissioning has reliable communication through email, phone, or instant messenger. Before you pay any thing for a commission, send contact the artist and get information about how to contact them in return, and make sure they reply to you before proceeding.
2. Check to see what the artists reputation is prior to paying him or her any money. Check the memories section of artist_beware and read up what other people have said who have dealt with the artist before.
3. Never pay the full commission price up front. Always break up your fee into dissepiments. I find the best method is to pay about 1/4 to 1/3 of the commission price up front, then pay another dissepiments when you receive a rough sketch so you can tell the artist if there is anything that needs to be modified. When you receive the completed piece, only then should you pay the full price. This keeps you from loosing all of your money should the artist not complete your piece.
4. Sometimes commissions do take time, so try to be patient and do not pester the artist constantly. Depending on the nature or subject of the piece, and how busy the artist is, the commission might take a little longer than you will want. It is good to get frequent updates about the piece, usually on a weekly basis or so. A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t hear anything about your commission in about 4 months, than contact the artist, and then if they continue not to communicate, try again a few times, being sure to save all of your correspondence. If the artist does not reply 6 months after starting the commission, than began the steps required to refund your money.
5. ALWAYS save your receipts. This is especially important on Pay pal, or Furbid transactions, so if your art is not delivered, you can take up the issues with the company, and file an official compliant. For personal transaction, be sure to scan in your receipts and save them for your own reference.
6. Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling when describing your character, and if possible always try to provide some visual references of your character so the artist has a clear idea of what your character or commission subject looks like.

Please let me know what ya'll think and if I should ad anything

I have also created the community artistrecommend which is now open for memebership.

As always constructive and postive feed back is always welcome.


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