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Official Announcement!

Hello! I am pleased to officially announce the current partnership between Fur Affinity and Artists_Beware is a go on the administrative side. Let the masses rejoice or gnash their teeth (whichever is most appropriate for your situation)!

As most of you are already aware, I have been working with Artists_Beware staff over the past week. Prior to this, I had spoken with Dragoneer about working together with the Artists_Beware community and moderation team in hopes that we would be able to form a separate and equal partnership. Until this time, Fur Affinity has had no real regulations regarding scammers and thieves (aside from art theft, etc), as all transactions are between artists/sellers and commissioners/buyers. While we still maintain the Artist/Commissioner relationship stance, we are now putting through regulations on how to report scammers, from both an artist/seller perspective, as well as the commissioner/buyer. Please bear with us as we hammer out these details on our side, but I assure you that change is forthcoming (I'm being accountable for that one!). The current plan is to have reporting guidelines set so we will be able to filter the reports, before sending relevant ones to the needed resources.

From our side, we plan on assisting the Artists_Beware moderation team in revealing sockpuppet accounts to the best of our ability, as well as checking for the falsification of evidence produce on our side of the fence. We will maintain user privacy throughout this process, and will not go 'digging' for evidence, as that is not our cause. We will also be working to terminate accounts found to be habitual abusers of the Artist/Seller Commissioner/Buyer relationship, and quickly stamp out accounts exclusively made for conning users out of their money as soon as we discover them.

From the Artists_Beware community, we expect....well, nothing, really. What this community does as a whole is exactly what we are looking for on our side. You, the users, have consistently been able to expose the issues where they happen to be. Now, you'll simply have another resource to assist you with that, and we will be able to communicate with you on an official level, to help in maintaining the standard for artists and commissioners which use our site.

Please be aware that we are, in no way, considering either website to be 'working' for the other. We are still remaining entirely separate and independent of one another, and have no intentions of it being seen any other way. Just had to add that in there, so there wasn't any confusion!

We are glad to be of any assistance we can be to your community, and hope that together we can help keep the Art community a safe, professional environment!

-Bazeel, Fur Affinity Administrator / Liaison
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